Marketing without a Budget

It is essential to carry out creative marketing campaigns to grab a customer’s attention in a fast pace world. Carrying out marketing campaigns can be considered expensive and sometimes due to a tight budget the tools which can be used can be limited. But there are plenty of tactics to be used if you are on a low budget.

  1. Create a persona to understand your audience
  2. Increase Content Marketing
  3. Enhance the SEO Strategy
  4. Improve your social media presence
  5. Create podcasts or have webinars
  6. Increase collaborative efforts
  7. Effective and Efficient customer service

1) Create a persona to understand your audience

Understanding your audience is one of the first steps to be taken to carry out a successful campaign. Creating a persona is useful to identify your target market and curate the campaign to your customers’ needs. A buyer persona is simply a made up representation of your ideal target customer with his characteristics and values.

To create the persona of your customer it is essential to map out the ideal customers demographics, basic needs and behaviors. By understanding the ideal customers’ background and their behavior you will be able to cater to your campaign to your customers’ needs. Through the persona created you could identify the tools and the platforms to carry out your campaign since it’ll support to identify where your ideal customer will search for information and the online platforms they spend most of their time.

2) Increase Content Marketing

Content marketing is sharing valuable and relevant online material to your target market to stimulate interest in your business. It is important to keep publishing consistent content which are valuable to your audience.

It is crucial to clearly identify what the audience is looking for when creating content media since it provides the ability to cater to what your audience is looking for. Content marketing includes materials like blogs, infographics or videos. By expanding the platforms the content are shared on you could attract more potential customers.

Blogs are one of the best ways to provide answers to your target audience’s questions and reach out to a wider audience which will increase the traffic to your media platforms. You could use tools such as Google Trends to analyse what the customers are looking for. By analysing the keywords the audience is looking for you could use specific keywords in your content you could increase the search result of your business.

3) Improve the SEO Strategy

As we all know Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic and acquire an organic reach. As mentioned before blogs are one of the main ways to improve SEO since specific content can be catered by using specific keywords through research. When blogs are set up this increases the possibility of the content coming up in searches which increases the traffic to the site.

Using backlinks will also support you to increase brand awareness and also to attract new customers. This will increase the credibility of the brand since another brand will be referencing to yours.

4) Improve your social media presence

Social media is one of the most cost efficient ways to carry out a marketing campaign especially since you have the ability to target a specific audience. Creating your social media presence is absolutely free therefore it’ll support to create an organic growth while paid advertisements can be used to attract potential customers. It is crucial to keep the content consistent throughout all the platforms. By analyzing your target audience’s social presence you could focus mainly on one of the platforms and allocate your resources on where the audience mostly interacts.

To search for information most customers will depend on social media therefore it is necessary to consistently update and provide valuable content to inform your customers. Due to the new normal business activities has anyway switched from offline to online therefore going live on social media can be used to keep in touch with customers where they can interact with you.

5) Create podcasts and conduct webinars

Podcasts and webinars are two of the most cost-effective methods to interact with your customers. Through podcasts, you can inform your target audience about various topics and showcase your company’s knowledge on the topic. Webinars can be conducted to interact with the target audience while also collaborating with your business partners. By hosting webinars on a certain topic related to your business with a panel of leaders in the industry, the interested parties can clear out doubts by interacting with the panel. Both of these methods can be used to increase brand awareness and also to inform potential customers about the company’s position in the field by having interactive sessions.

6) Increase collaborative efforts

Collaborative efforts can be carried out in different ways; it could be through inviting associated brands to a webinar, creating a blog together or though carrying out a collaborative giveaway. Through collaborating you get the opportunity to tap into another brand’s target audience which will support to increase brand awareness and in the future to attract more customers to your brand.

7) Effective and Efficient customer service

Providing effective and efficient customer service will increase the trust the customers will place on your brand which will lead to generating positive feedback and also the increase in word of mouth among customers. The key to developing a loyal customer base is through providing the best customer service you possibly can. Prior to and after campaigns are carried out ensure your customer base knows that your focus is on prioritizing your customer. Therefore when you are carrying out campaigns within a small budget keep in mind to keep true to your brand identity.

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You will have to limit your options when carrying out campaigns within a budget but it is not impossible. Using the above mentioned tools you can carry out a successful campaign but always remember to stay true to your brand identity and voice.


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